Rod LeGrande

Rod LeGrande

A piercing insight of a major dilemma in the small business sector led Rod LeGrande to create the sales coaching industry. Known for his national success in franchise sales, Rod originally founded Excellence Quest in 1983 as a sales training company along with delivering motivational speeches accross the country.

During his speaking enagements during the 1980s Rod uncovered a major challenge with businesses: how to train and motivate their sales force and hold them accountable to ensure sales growth. Large national corporations and small companies had the same problem, but their solutions, although very different, became inadequate.

Having seen this dilemma among small and large businesses Rod created the sales coaching industry to provide the expertise to both.

Whether it was large business or small business, salespeople were the same creature. His company, Excellence Quest provided certain programs neccessary tfor the success of any salesperson.

During his development of the sales coaching business Rod later developed a system to help his sales coaches better motivate each salesperson, monitor their activities, manage the monthly contests and annual incentives and create effective compensation plans. This system would eventually become the highly acclaimed Salesperson-On-Auto-Pilot software, which focuses on two specific challenges salespeople face:

The software compels each salesperson to consistency. As each salesperson develops self-motivation and self-discipline their sales become consistent in growth, without the highs and lows.

Rod's dedication to his profession since 1979 is matched by his dedication to his wife which he married in the same year. He and his wife revel over their highly regarded six children and many grand children.

Rod's continued contributions to the business world are exemplary. He continues to motivate and inspire audiences of all sizes.